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Homeowners Help Page and Links
Homeowners Help Page and Links
Caulk Sealants, Primers, and Paint

BASF/ SONNEBORN SL1 - Concrete Crack and Seam Repair - SL1 is a one-component, non-priming, self-leveling elastomeric polyurethane designed for expansion joints in concrete floors and decks. Use it where flexibility, as well as abrasion and puncture resistance is required. Available at Brock/White

Vulkem or PL Sealant - Polyurethane, self-leveling. Used by many professionals to seal seams and cracks in concrete. Follow the directions. Use foam cords to stuff in large or deep cracks so you don't have to use so much sealant. Available at Home Depot & Lowes.

Lexel Sealant/Caulk - Stays clear as glass and lets the color of the surfaces caulked show through until painted. Mold and mildew resistant when cured. Use where paintable surfaces meet non-paintable (ie. Tile to wall, sink to counter, counter to wall. Available at Ace Hardware & True Value

Cabot Deck Stain - One of the best stains you can use on your deck and outdoor wooden structures. Available at Lowes.

Cover Stain (a Zinzer product) - An oil based primer that blocks stains, is sandable (to
smooth rough walls), gives extra moisture protection (bathrooms, kitchens, exterior),
interior/exterior, and dries in an hour. Available at most big box stores.

Zar Wood Stains - The best and easiest to use. Available at most professional paint stores.

Goodbye Cracks - Elastomeric spray which you spray over crack repairs before you paint and this product will flex and bend instead of crack. Follow directions!

Bondo - Use to repair rot on windows, doors, trim, etc. Available at auto repair stores and departments. It dries quick so understand how to use it before you start. How to work with Bondo

RadonSeal - Penetrating Concrete Sealer/Water Proofer - It penetrates deep inside concrete (up to 4"), chemically reacts with lime and alkalis, expands into even microscopic pores, and hardens as a mineral. This seals concrete internally against water, water vapor, and even radon gas, combining concrete waterproofing, damp-proofing,
concrete preservation, and radon mitigation in one product. Must be applied to bare concrete.

Cleaners, Maintenance Products

The Works - Cleans, removes rust, mildew, calcium, lime, and soap scum. Use before sealing tile grout or any time you clean bathtub or shower. Available Walmart

Super Clean - Great cleaner, degreaser. Comes in spray bottle or gallon jug. Inexpensive. Available at Walmart, and many automotive stores.

MOLD ARMOR - Mold and Mildew Remover - Use to clean bathrooms, kitchens, etc where what appears to be mold or mildew is present. They also make a Mold Blocker - Use this after cleaning to prevent the return of mold and mildew stains.

CONCROBIUM MOLD CONTROL - Great product containing no bleach, ammonia, or VOC's. Eliminates and prevents mold and mildew and eleminates msuty odors. Available at Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, and True Value Hardware.

Mary Ellen's "I Hate Mildew!" - Wonderful for shower curtains, canvas and any white or colored fabrics that can be washed with chlorine bleach. These include cotton, cotton blends, nylon, rayon, Dacron, orlon and linen. A yacht owner used this product to save thousands of dollars of mildewed canvas. It came out looking like new. This is a
protective sealant to help prevent mildew and mold growth for up to two years. Was available at CUB but I don't know the current retail availability.

Draino Gel (Yellow Bottle) - This drain cleaner is great for slow or clogged drains. It dissolves soap scum and hair. Follow directions. Available everywhere.

Perma Wash - Disinfectant, Fungicide, Virucide, Bactericide, Mildewcide, and Mildewstat. EPA REGISTERED for mold & mildew control in Hospitals, Institutions and Homes. Available on-line

Urine Off - I am told this really works for removing pet urine smell...even cat urine.

Hydrogen Peroxide - Use this to try to remove or lighten dark old pet stains on hardwood floors.

Invisible Glass - Great glass cleaner! Available at Walmart, Kmart, and Auto Stores

Removing Cigarette Smoke Odor From Wood -
Solution 1 - Method
Solution 2 - Spray on Product

Sporicidin - A registered disinfectant for mold and mildew remediation. Available at many janitorial supply stores.

Nashua 386 Silcone sealing tape - Nashua 386 Stretch & Seal Tape, is a self-fusing (an adhesive-free tape that fuses only to itself) silicone sealing tape suitable for dozens of applications where a good water-tight seal is needed. Applications for Nashua Stretch & Seal include: sealing pipes, electrical wires, and hoses; covering sharp edges;
protecting against rust and corrosion; wrapping tool handles; marking chain and rope.

Nashua 386 creates an instant, permanent water-tight seal and can withstand
temperatures from -60°F to + 500DF. Chemical and UV resistant. Can be kept in vehicles for emergency hose repairs. Easy to apply and to remove; no sticky residue left on surfaces.

X-Treme Tape® Wrap - Originally developed for the military, X-Treme Tape is made
from an elastic, silicone compound which adheres to itself when wrapped under tension,
and applies even pressure to the most irregular shapes. Clamp odd shapes and angles
without having to make cauls and clamping blocks.Rubbery material firmly grips wood, but
won’t damage the finish because it only adheres to itself. It forms an air and water-tight
seal, is heat-resistant up to 500° F, and insulates up to 400 volts per mil! Also great for
plumbing fixes, electrical connections and marine applications. 10' roll.

Exterior Maintenance and Improvement Products

Asphalt (in a bag) - Use to repair asphalt walkways and driveways. Clean the area first
with the hose sprayer. Let dry then pour it out on a hot day put a board over it and tamp
down with a hammer or your feet. Available at Home Depot

Rain Gutter parts and extentions - Comes in 10 ft. sections. Plastic or aluminum. Available
at Home Depot, Lowes, and some hardware stores.

Parging and masonry wall repair - "QuikWall" is a product made by Quikcrete. I have
been told the product is great for masonry wall and parging repair. Check with your local
supplier such as Home Depot, Lowes, and most home building material suppliers.

Glass Block Window Fans - These fans are made for glass block windows. If you need
ventilation in a basement or bathroom with glass block windows this is one option. I don't
think they are available locally but they do sent them out.
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General Repair

Door and windows - Super Pages .com - A list of many companies around the Las Vegas valley that offer windwo and door replacement and repairs. Otherise, get on the internet and locate your manufacturer and do a bit of research.

Plumbing Parts - Ferguson Enterprises - Homeowners, builders, contractors, engineers and other trade professionals trust Ferguson to provide exceptional service, quality products, and the detailed knowledge required to make their projects successful. Whatever your project requires - we are here to make it easy for you. They have just about everything you need for plumbing parts and repairs.

General Building Supplies - The Home Depot & Lowe's Building Centers
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